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Jiangsu Ruidong Pesticide Co., Ltd. is a national production enterprise specializing in the research and innovation, preparation processing, domestic and foreign sales of pesticides. With the right to have import and export business independently, we mainly produce three categories and more than 30 varieties of products, including Herbicides, Insecticides and Bactericides. We not only are also one of manufacturers in China for sulfonylurea new herbicides, but also one of the leading enterprises for the synthesis of technical grade pesticides ad mix processing of new pesticide preparations. Thus we have successfully become a leading manufacture of export-grade technical pesticides and preparations in large and small packagings, or an OEM of all kinds of pesticide preparations for exports: WDG/WSG/DF/WP/SP/EC/EW/SC/OF/EW/ME/AS/SL, etc. As one of specialized and featured processing bases in China for export pesticide with strong comprehensive strength, we now have modern production plants and equipment management methods: three WDG production lines, three WP production lines and six SC production lines, as well as a number of automatic sub-assembly lines. At present, we annually produce 2,000 tons of WDG, 5,000 tons of WP, and 4,000 tons of SC and liquid preparation, which are well sold in China, Europe, America and Southeast Asian countries and regions. Now, our company has successfully won high praise and trust from partners.
Upholding the enterprise spirit of "unity and hard work, bravely climbing new heights", and adhering to the business philosophy of "new technology, high quality, new thinking, new concept", our company continuously expands the scale of business, adjusts the product structure, and works hard on the construction and expansion of the marketing network to enhance the ability of product innovation. We also strive to strengthen relationships with customers to improve operational efficiency. Taking market as the orientation, technology as the leader and quality as life, we aim to create an excellent enterprise, establish brand products, make enterprises bigger and stronger, and contribute to the development of modern agricultural economy. Today's Ruidong is young and vibrant, modern and vital; our company has attracted the attention of friends at home and abroad, so our company is no longer a simple manufacturer. We are striving to establish a high-tech and refined research "platform" to grasp the opportunity and make innovation in an all-round way, and gradually make our company become a flagship enterprise of China's pesticide industry, and then develop into a group company of international pesticide brand manufacturer.

Now, Ruidong is transforming into a pesticide brand manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights, and is committed to becoming an industry role model in the future development. Our "Corporate Transformation Plan" sets out our determination to become a knowledge-based expert and pioneer company that develops traditional businesses alongside innovative R&D capabilities. We thank you again for your continued support and love, please continue to be our partners, friends and customers, let us witness a bigger, stronger and better Ruidong pesticide every day.