75% Tricyclazole

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75% Tricyclazole

15g×400 bags

20g×300 bags

Pesticide registration number: PD20081685

Certificate holder: Jiangsu Ruidong Pesticide Co., Ltd.

Pesticide name: Tricyclazole

Dosage form: wettable powder

Toxicity and identification:


Active ingredients and their content:

Tricyclazole 75%    

Scope and method of use:


control objects

Dosage (preparation quantity/mu)

mode of administration


rice blast

20-30 g/mu



Technical requirements:
1. Prevention and control of rice leaf blast: When predicting that leaf blast will occur seriously, timely application must be made before leaf blast symptoms appear. For mild disease, the application can be carried out when a small number of disease spots (plant incidence 5-10%) are first observed on rice leaves. For longer-lasting control effect, the second application can be carried out 18-24 days after the first application. 2. Prevention and control of ear neck blast and ear blast: it should be applied from booting stage to initial heading stage. The most suitable period for application was the initial rice ear in the field, while other rice plants were still in the booting stage (break stage). If the weather is favourable for continued infection, a second application should be made 10-14 days after the first application.

Product performance:
This product is a strong systemic protective triazole Bactericide, with protective and therapeutic effects. It can be quickly absorbed by rice roots, stems and leaves, and transported to all parts of rice plants. It has strong scouring resistance and long effective period. It can better control rice blast when used according to recommended dosage.

1. The safety interval of this product on rice is 21 days, and it can be used at most twice a season. 2. This product is a preventive agent, and proper application is conducive to the exertion of efficacy. 3, because Tricyclazole has a good absorption performance, spraying 1 hour after the rain, do not have to spray. 4. In order to ensure the control effect, the first spraying for the prevention and control of ear neck blast should not exceed three days at the latest. 5, be careful not to let the liquid spray on vegetables and pear trees, to avoid phytotoxicity. 6. Pay attention to protection when applying drugs, such as wearing masks and protective hats. Do not eat or drink during the treatment period. Wash hands, face and potentially contaminated areas immediately after application. Pregnant and lactating women should not be exposed. 7, the residual chemicals and waste packaging materials generated in the application process can not be discarded at will. The water used for cleaning pesticide application equipment shall not pollute fish ponds, rivers and other water bodies.

First aid measures for poisoning:
This medicine has slight irritation to eyes and skin. Symptoms of poisoning include dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. If accidentally splashed into the eyes or skin, immediately rinse with plenty of water for not less than 15 minutes; if ingested, induce vomiting, and bring this bottle to the hospital for treatment. There is no specific antidote.

Storage and transportation methods:
1. This product should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from food, feed and children, and locked. 2. Direct sunlight and rain should be avoided during transportation, and it should not be stored and transported with food, feed, seeds and other items. 3. The stacking height of packages in transportation should not be higher than 3.0 meters, and it should be handled with care when loading and unloading.