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1L×10 bottles

Pesticide registration certificate number: PD20098388

Registration certificate holder: Jiangsu Ruidong Pesticide Co., Ltd

Pesticide name: Propiconazole

Dosage form: Emulsifiable concentrate

Toxicity and its identification:


Active ingredient and its content:

Propiconazole 250g/L

Scope of use and method of use:


Prevention and control objects

Dosage (preparation quantity/mu)

Method of application


Powdery mildew




Technical requirements for use:
This product is used before or early stage of wheat powdery mildew in the wheat rejuvenation to jointing stage, 20-30 kg of water per mu is mixed with this product, mixed evenly, evenly sprayed throughout the field, and applied twice in a row, and the adjacent interval is about 15 days to apply once.

Product Performance:
This product is a protective triazole bactericide with strong systemic properties, which has protective and therapeutic effects. It can be quickly absorbed by wheat roots, stems and leaves, and transported to various parts, which can effectively prevent and control wheat powdery mildew.

1. This product can be applied twice per season. 2. The number of days from harvest (safety interval) of the last application is 28 days. 3. Wash the skin of the exposed area in time after application. 4. It is recommended that Bactericide be used in rotation with a different mechanism of action to delay the onset of resistance. 5. Corresponding safety protection measures should be taken when applying pesticides, and attention should be paid to protection, such as wearing masks, protective risks, etc. Not accessible to pregnant and lactating women. 6. The residual chemicals and waste packaging materials generated during the application process cannot be discarded at will and should be disposed of uniformly. The water used to clean the pesticide applicator should not pollute fish ponds, rivers and other water bodies. 7. Allergies are prohibited, and if there is any adverse reaction in use, please seek medical attention in time.

First aid measures for poisoning:
This agent is slightly irritating to the eyes and skin. If it accidentally splashes in the eyes or on the skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; If you eat it by mistake, you can induce vomiting, and go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment with this bottle, this product has no specific antidote.

Storage and transportation methods:
1. This product is flammable, and should be stored in a cool, ventilated, rainproof, dry place and away from fire and heat sources during storage and transportation. 2. Do not mix with food, feed, and places out of reach of children, and lock. 3. Avoid direct sunlight and rain during transportation. 4. The stacking height of the packages should not be higher than 3.0 meters during transportation, and they should be handled with care during loading and unloading, and should not be dropped or turned upside down.