10% Difenoconazole

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10% Difenoconazole

10g×600 bags

50g×200 bags  

Pesticide registration certificate number: PD20122038

Registration certificate holder: Jiangsu Ruidong Pesticide Co., Ltd

Pesticide name: difenoconazole

Dosage form: Water dispersible granules

Toxicity and its identification:

Slightly toxic

Active ingredient and its content:

difenoconazole 10%    

Scope of use and method of use:


Prevention and control objects

Dosage (preparation quantity/mu)

Method of application

Pear tree


6000-7000 times liquid



Leaf spot disease

Dilute 1000-1500 times


Technical requirements for use:
1. Before the onset of scab disease or at the early stage of the disease, after diluting according to the registered dose, spray evenly once in the whole field. 2. When spraying, be sure to spray evenly on the front and back of the leaf to facilitate the formation of a complete film on the surface of the leaf. Do not apply pesticides on windy days or when rain is expected within 1 hour.

Product Performance:
This product is a systemic bactericide with therapeutic and protective properties. It has a good control effect on pear scab.

1. The safe interval between pear trees is 14 days, and it can be applied up to 3 times per season. Waste liquids such as liquid medicine shall not pollute the waters, soil and other environments. 2. Avoid storage below 10 °C and above 30 °C. 3. It is recommended that Bactericide be used in rotation unlike other mechanisms of action to delay the development of resistance. 4. Pay attention to protection when applying pesticides, such as wearing masks, protective risks, no eating, smoking, etc.; Not accessible to pregnant and lactating women. The residual chemicals and waste packaging materials generated in the application process can not be discarded at will, and should be treated uniformly, and the water used to clean the pesticide application equipment cannot pollute water bodies such as fish ponds and rivers.

First aid measures for poisoning:
This agent is moderately irritating to the eyes and non-irritating to the skin. During and after use, if you feel unwell, stop working immediately and take measures; If it accidentally splashes into the eyes or on the skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water; If you eat it by mistake, you can induce vomiting, and take this bottle to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, there is no specific antidote.

Storage and transportation methods:
1. This product should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from food, feed and children's reach, and locked. 2. Avoid direct sunlight and rain during transportation. 3. The stacking height of the package during transportation should not be higher than 3.0 meters, and it should be handled with care when loading and unloading. 4. Do not store and transport with food, beverages, feed and other commodities